Monday, 23 February 2015

Rimmel - Brow This Way

Happy Monday loves!

Monday is usually a day I dread beyond belief. But today I've actually had a day off work as my best friend from uni came down to stay for the weekend and it has been so nice not to have that usual awful Monday feeling! I've just waved her off which is always sad, so I thought I'd cheer myself up with a bit of blogging. 

After watching numerous YouTube tutorials where the girls used an eyebrow gel I thought it was about time I tried one for myself. I debated getting the Benefit Gimme Brow or the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gel but seeing as I hadn't tried one before I didn't want to splash out in case I wasn't thrilled. 

So a few weeks ago whilst browsing in Boots (shock!) I noticed the Rimmel Brow This Way styling gel, which came in three different tint shades as well as clear and was just £3.99 a tube - just what I was looking for! After much deliberating between getting the tinted gel or clear I eventually decided to get the 'Dark Brown' gel. 

Like most brow gels this comes in a small tube with a mascara style applicator. The dark brown shade is the perfect match to my hair colour - not too ashy or black, I always have trouble with dark brown products looking black! The formula is easy to work with, not too think or too runny, and the gel doesn't dry too quick giving you plenty of time to work with it.  

My only negative with the product I found is the applicator, the brush is just too big for brows. The first time I used this I went straight in running this through my brows and well, let's just say hello Scouse brow!! I ended up covering in half the skin around my brows and ended up making such a mess. I've since realised that as the brush is so big this needs to be really lightly applied with a delicate and steady hand using just the tip of the brush, which when I'm in a rush in the morning never turns out well! Another tip is to wipe excess product off the applicator before trying to apply. 

Overall, I love the formula of this product but I just wish the applicator brush was smaller to make this easier to use.  I have since looked at the applicator size of the Benefit Gimme Brow and its is half the size of this Rimmel one. However, for the £3.99 price tag you can't really complain! 

What do you think of the Brow this Way? 

XOXO Sophie