Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Welcome to The Glamour Booth

Hello Glamours and welcome to my blog The Glamour Booth!

First off lets start with a bit about me, my name is Sophie and I'm a 22 year old Business and Management graduate from a small village called Mumbles which is just outside Swansea, South Wales.
I graduated from University this Summer after what feels like an absolute eternity in education.  I am currently working full-time as a Project Associate in a Health Sciences company, which is...well lets just say going from being a student to being in full time employment was a shock to the system!

Although I've studied Business throughout my education my true love and passion has always been with with Make-Up.  I could spend hours trawling through Instagram and Youtube discovering new MUA's and seeing if I could attempt to recreate their looks.  So thats where The Glamour Booth comes in.  Since I am now in a job where make-up is just not the topic of conversation, I wanted somewhere I can share my love of all things beauty and fashion.

Starting a blog has been something I've dreamt about for a very long time but something has always stopped me, it would always be "Next Sunday I'll do it" or "Next weekend".  Today I woke up and just thought, screw it!! So as I sat at my desk at 8.30am this morning The Glamour Booth was created. 

This blog will be my place to witter on about lipsticks, foundations and mascaras with people who share my love of Make-up.  I will also be creating fashion posts, along with general lifestyle posts. 

My aim is to post at least twice a week and I will try vary it up to be at least one fashion and one beauty post per week.

I will have a new post up over the weekend, I am so excited to have started blogging!

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XOXO Sophie