Saturday, 20 December 2014

The Perfect Festive Party Bag

Hello Glamours! 

Today I wanted to share with you the most perfect bag for the festive party season - and the best part? It was an absolute bargain!!

Believe it or not this beauty is from Primark, which is soon becoming one of my favourite high street shops. They have seriously upped their game the last few seasons! 

Anyway on with the bag...I've always wanted an evening box clutch but the majority I have seen are usually around £35 and I just never thought I would get the use out of it for the price. 

So when I was browsing my local primark and saw this one for £10 - yes £10!! - I just couldnt resist. 

Slightly oval in shape it's the perfect size to just sit in your hand. I love the design - black faux leather with gold lattice hardware and it even comes with a detachable chain handle. 
Yes it is small - but I managed to fit my phone, lipstick and money in with no problem!

I cannot wait to use mine New Years Eve! 

Have you found any Christmas party bargains this year?

XOXO Sophie