Wednesday, 16 September 2015

My Cant Live Without Beauty Tool

On my recent holiday to Ibiza, the worst beauty disaster that could happen to me (lol) happened.
I somehow managed to forget to pack my eyelash curler.  I have never done this before, considering I like to pack a few hours before I go, being as makeup obsessed as I am,  I NEVER forget any beauty related item - but this time I did.

I have poker straight and relatively short eyelashes, so the use of a curler is a massive part of my everyday makeup routine, without curling my lashes their isnt much point using mascara. So anyway I didn't notice until the first night that I had left my curler behind and when I did I nearly had a  meltdown, my friend I went with doesn't use a lash curler so hadn't bought one either.

I tried copious amounts of mascara to make them look half decent but they just ended up in a clumpy mess!  Luckily I had taken false lashes with me, so for every night on holiday I had to apply these - which in the heat can be pretty difficult!  But otherwise my eyes literally looked baled.

I knew I loved my eyelash curler before but now I feel completely obsessed with having it on hand all day everyday - I never want to be apart from it again haha!

Currently I am using the Chanel Eyelash curler which I had a few Christmas's ago and was limited addition.  It came with around 6 pads to change and I am now unfortunately  coming to the end of my last one.

Prior to this I used the Shu Umera Lash curler and I will forever return and repurchase this one.  It curls my lashes beautifully and it lightweight and gentle to use.

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What is your must have beauty tool?

XOXO Sophie