Sunday, 12 June 2016

Brows&Lashes X Beautique Swansea

Hey Dolls,

Today I've got to share with you my experience of getting LVL lashes at Beautique in Swansea which is owned by Lisa Bengyfield. 

I've been going to Lisa since September 2015 for my HD brow treatment which I have to say has completely transformed my brows and life! I posted a brief review of my HD brow experience so far on Instagram a few weeks ago but I'll give you a quick FYI of what it entails. 

Lisa is a trained High Definition Pro Brow Stylist using the official HD brow products. 
The HD treatment lasts around an hour and includes having your brows tinted, waxed, tweezed and threaded to create the perfect arch and brow shape for your face! 
Before I went to Lisa I was having by brows just threaded, but they were SO thin as I was told I'd have to lose the thickness in order to create the arch I wanted. However when I visited Lisa she told me this wasn't the case. I remember noticing a MASSIVE difference in my brows after just one session and now their completely transformed!! 
As you can see from my before and after below:

The HD brow treatment cost £30 at Beautique and the best part is Lisa trains your brows so they will last weeks at a time, I've now got my brows to the point where I only need them done every 9 weeks, which is crazy considered I used to go every 3 weeks!!

The newest treatment I have tried at Beautique is LVL Lashes. Lisa has been telling me for months how much I will love the way this treatment transforms your natural lashes without the use of extensions, which sounded perfect for the summer months. 

LVL (Length,Volume, Lift) is created by Nouveu Lashes and the treatment straightens your natural lashes from the root in order to give a longer, lifted lashes. The treatment takes around 40-60minutes and lasts around 6-8 weeks, which is perfect for the summer especially if your off on a beach holiday!

Natalie at Beautique performed my LVL lash treatment and talked me through each step as she was going.  The day before the treatment I had four patch tests to ensure I wasn't allergic to the products, these were just four small plasters with product on place on my stomach. 

Once I got to the salon Natalie began by removing all traces of mascara from my lashes, see below a picture of my natural lashes with no mascara. 

Next shields were applied to my lower lashes and eyelid, leaving just my top lashes out - once the shields were applied I had to keep my eyes closed for the rest of the treatment. The shields were not uncomfortable in the slightest and I felt completely relaxed throughout the whole treatment. 

My lashes were then combed up over the silicone shield and the first step of perming lotion was applied to my lashes, this first treatment was left on for 12 minutes. 
After this time was up a neutraliser was then applied to my lashes for around 6 minutes and then finally a blue/black tint was applied for a further 6 minutes. 
The shields were then removed using a moisturising serum which made this completely pain free and there was no stinging or soreness at all to my eyes. 

I was absolutely thrilled when I looked in the mirror and saw the results. My usual poker straight lashes were beautifully permed, looking fuller and double the length they had previously.  Here's a picture of the immediate results:

Natalie provided me with an aftercare leaflet which advised the following for the 24 hours after the treatment:
No rubbing your lashes
No creams to be applied to them
No getting them wet

It has now been 5 days since I had the LVL treatment and my lashes are still beautifully permed. I love adding mascara to my lashes to give them extra volume and length. 

The LVL treatment costs £45 and I would highly recommend it to anyone going away this summer who doesn't want the fuss of curling your lashes of applying falsies in the heat! 

So girls if your in Swansea you HAVE to get down to see Lisa and Natalie in Beautique to get your beautifully groomed HD brows and perfectly permed LVL lashes - make sure you tell the girls I sent you! 
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