Friday, 24 April 2015

Dream Chasing: London School of Makeup

This last week I've slacked a bit with my blog posts but I promise it's all for good reason - I've been crazy busy getting ready for the next few weeks.

Tomorrow I will be heading to London for two weeks where I will be attending London School of Makeup to complete their '2 Week IMA Foundation Makep course'. 

Words cannot explain how excited I am to finally train as a makeup artist. Makeup has been a passion and love of mine since I was around 15 and I've always known I wanted a career in the beauty industry. But for the last 8 years that dream took a back seat for me to go down the 'sensible' route of finishing school and getting a degree. 

I completed my degree almost a year ago and went straight into a office based job but have never felt settled as becoming a makeup artist is forever on my mind. 

So I booked the course, booked two weeks of work and have taken my first steps towards the career I really want. 

I'll be staying up in London for the whole two weeks and will be taking along my new camera to document the whole trip. So expect posts dedicated to the course and some of my time in London! 

I plan on Instagraming (a lot!!) through out my trip so follow me Here to keep up to date with me! 

Check out the London School of Makeup

What is your dream job?! Have you been to the London School of Makeup?

XOXO Sophie