Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Primark Haul #2

Whenever I go into Primark I just cannot leave empty handed. Half the time I end up coming out with a bag full of random stuff that I didn't really need but because of the price tag couldn't resist.

On my most recent trip into Primark I raided the jewellery section and here's what I came out with...

As much as I love my bling, chandelier earrings are my guilty pleasure, I've been really into wearing more minimalistic pieces lately especially as we're heading into Summer. 

3 piece necklace - £3 

I loved that you could wear these necklaces individually as well as layered. 

Choker style necklace £1.50 - seen on me Here 

Cubic zirconia square ring £1.50

This ring looks way more expensive than its price tag and I've been wearing mine on my middle finger for a bit of a change. 
Tip - to stop your inexpensive rings turning your fingers a lovely green colour, before you wear them coat the inside with a layer of clear nail polish. 

Jewelled studs £1.50

I have hundreds of these style studs from Primark as I find them a nice size for when I wear my hair up - not too in your face but still adding a bit of glamour. 

Gold/turquoise earrings £1.50 

Obviously I couldn't leave without having a quick look in the beauty section...

I am a big fan of Primark's 'natural' lashes which for £1 are an absolute bargain, but after seeing the gorgeous Chloe Boucher (she's my new obsession, her makeup is amazing) wearing the 'Sultry' lashes I couldn't not give them a try.  I haven't worn them yet but when I do I'll make sure I share my thoughts. 
Tip - I recommend not using the Primark own glue - I didn't find it very adhesive 

The last thing I picked up was this stippling brush. The bristles are super soft, even though their synthetic, and I find this brush perfect for blending out concealer, cream contour and cream highlighter. I will definetly be picking up a few more of these when I'm next in Primark!! 

Do you love Primark? Have any recommendations of their beauty products I should try? 

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XOXO Sophie