Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Nails Inc Haul

The other week my mum came home and told me Nails Inc were having a one day sale for staff - Oh the perks of your mum working on a makeup counter in Debenhams - and that nails polished would be reduced to £5!! So we decided that's she would pick a couple and we would go halves.  

I'm not sure why these polishes were on sale but I think it could be to do with the fact Nails Inc have now changed their bottles/packaging.  Mum picked up:

St Johns Wood- I've had this shade before and loved it but it went gloopy so we had to get a new one 

Wellington Square - the most perfect summer shade ever

Colville Mews - a gorgeous putty colour which looks so classy on

Hyde Park Base Coat - I never tend to use a base coat so I was please mum picked this up for us too try!

As she bought four polishes we were given two further colours which were the Glamour magazine colours - these don't have names on them but ones a deep violet and the other a slate grey. 

Clockwise from top - St Johns Wood (1 coat, 2 coats), Colville Mews (1 coat, 2 coats), Glamour Colour - deep violet (1 coat, 2 coats), Wellington Square (1 coat, 2 coats), Glamour colour - slate grey (1 coat, 2 coat). 

I love the quality of Nails inc polishes, two coats is enough for the perfect smooth colour and so far I'm loving using a base coat - it makes removing so much easier. Like most nail polishes these tend to chip after around the 2 day mark - I've tried all 'chip resisitant' topcoats but I'm yet to find one that actually works. 

As I'm talking Nails Inc I thought I'd throw in this express polish remover that I have been loving. I actually got this for Christmas and am impressed that it is still as good as new (I probably use this around twice a week). It's so convenient and mess/hassle free, it removes my nail polish so easily and isn't super drying on my nails.  

What's your favourite nail polish?!

XOXO Sophie